Барри гринштейн покер

Однако семью сохранить не удалось и брак распался. У Гринштейна двое детей и четыре пасынка, он проживает на ранчо Палос-Вердес, Калифорния. Через год он уже играл в домашних раундах и каждую ночь зарабатывал по пятьдесят долларов.

В м, м и м барри гринштейн покерах он собрал свою коллекцию из трех WSOP барри гринштейн покеров. Все это о Барри Гринштейн. Однако известен покерист не только своими успехами в популярной карточной игре — его также знают, как гениального математика и программиста, а также щедрого благотворителя.

Барри Гринштейн — Barry Greenstein — Википедия

В году Гринштейн написал книгу под названием «Эйс на реке». Его выигрыш составил немногим более 8 тыс. Барри познакомился с покером еще в детстве и с тех пор больше не расставался с игрой.

Гринштейн научил бывшую подругу Мими Тран игре в покер в обмен на то, что она научила его говорить по-вьетнамски. В году покерист принял участие в турнирах серии WSOP и занял 22 место. Биография Даниэля Негреану Daniel Negreanu Читать Барри Гринштейн — талантливый барри гринштейн покер, который принимает взвешенные решения и имеет аналитический подход к игре.

Биография «Робин Гуд покера» такое прозвище закрепилось за Гринштейном родился буквально перед Новым годом — 30 декабря г. Здесь он изучал вычислительную технику, защитил степень барри гринштейн покера. Интересные факты: Гринштейн был талантливым барри гринштейн покером. Он также играл онлайн на PokerStars под барри гринштейн покером «barryg1» и был членом команды PokerStars карточной комнаты. Он учился на PhD по математике, так и не защитив законченную диссертацию.

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  1. This is some all time unconventional poker. Flatting a 3-bet OOP against tight 3 bettor with KQs is questionable but fine, but Durrs flop lead is so bizarre.

  2. Can’t believe dwan lead out after the flop on this hand.. almost like he knew Barry had kings or aces and would raise.

  3. Id love to live in Durrland for awhile, just to learn the local customs 😀

    1. @Elliott Gold Hes not in debt. He might be in makeup which he isnt legally liable to pay unless he cancels his backing deal. If the backer cancels his backing deal then the backer can sell his makeup to someone else. Just say he is $10 million in makeup to his backer Paul Phua. Phua makes enough back on him in brand value playing in Triton and being a rep for Triton. And Phua is a billionaire. Dwan is like Michael Jordan. Billionaires will pay millions to hang out with the greats. Im sure a billionaire obsessed with MJ would of paid $10 million to be a bench player on the Bulls just to be close to MJ and on the team. Thats probably how Phua feels about Dwan. No matter how much makeup Dwan is in he can always be in action

  4. Its poker etiquette in that situation to at least run twice and in fact in this case it would have probably helped Barry. Good thing Tom didnt give in i love this play right here.

    1. Running it twice has nothing to do with etiquette, it is completely arbitrary. So is his we can each take 200k back line… Why even play poker? Why play the hand at all lets just see a flop and then decide how many times we want to run the board and how much money we want to take back. Barry is 100% scared of playing post flop with Dwan and he went broke.

    2. Carlos Magro Malo Tom gave him a choice before the two boards were ran, in hindsight I’m sure he woulda took the $200k over the -$900+ loss #loveinsurance🤷‍♂️👋😭💯

  5. You can tell by Toms face preflop he knew he Barry had a monster, likely an overpair. He always makes that sort of ‘eh, fair enough’ kind of face when he knows he’s behind, but since he’s a gambling man.. he knew he was about to take all of Barry’s money if he hit the flop. Hence why he bet straight away when the flop came, he knew Barry would re raise. No chance Barry is letting Tom draw, and no chance Tom is folding. One of those unfortunate cases for Barry where you have over 400,000 in front of you lol.

  6. cold calling a 3bet from the SB with another player to act cannot be profitable.

    1. Lol I agree, my #1 is either Ivey riping Veldhuis with 52 when he 5bet jammed on him for like imf. Or the Farha vs. Antonius hand

      What’s yours?

  7. Ahh the good old days before Tom was taken hostage by the Chinese high rollers

    1. Thats funny But games are just better over there and he makes alot more money. Crazy Asian billionaires blasting there money off to him. Dwan and Phil still play poker and arent these Mystical characters just because they arent on tv as much anymore.

    2. @Sean K Ivey is fucking loaded hes just getting old and tired so hes working other areas outside of gambling

    3. @um mareli can u fking read the comment on top? one of the commenters is asking about phil ivey… nth to do with dwan dumb fck…

    4. @Indo Cryptomaniac what does that have to do with dwan? that was phil ivey in the lawsuit

  8. Stupid on Barry Greensteins part almost 1 million in the pot and he doesn’t want to run it twice he got greedy and it cost him big

    1. @Doug Ya thats why I think he only ran it once. Old School and to prevent players from leveraging massive stacks against him with marginal hands hoping to be able to run it twice or 3 times to get out of the bluff with some equity.

    2. Moustaffa Nasaj exactly….he’s old school, and he won’t let any amount of money in any pot change that. I respect him for this, and I believe it shows great integrity. Not a slap in the face to Dwan at all.

    3. Being known to run once is to prevent maniacs playing back hard in the hopes of boosting EV

    4. “greedy” lol. i love fish comments like these. just goes to show that poker is well and alive

    5. You mean a Jew got greedy? Stop the presses!! Lol just kidding, thats hardly shocking news.

  9. Its very likely that dwan doesnt have setQQ,or any kind of set…because he would have check-raised with all sets to knock out FDs,specially set of queens [that has blocked HighCards of the board];almost always.
    So the best choice for barry is calling flop bet Rather than Raising and shove non spade and non queen turns…

    1. @Hank Wu If he would had called flop,he would commit only $40k to the pot until that moment scientist;while eff stack would be about $400k behind…Right??
      How did you calculate?!!!!!!!

    2. The pot is huge already they’re both pot committed so it doesn’t matter what card comes on the turn, they’re shoving it anyway. You really think Barry is going to just give up the 250k he already committed and the 500k that he could win? You obviously don’t play poker, or you just suck at math

    3. @t- milt when dwan cold calls a 3bet from SB,his range is pretty damn strong and doesnt have many bluffs…So Raising the flop by greenstein has little Fold Equity.
      By just calling and waiting to turn we can make nearly perfect play…

    4. @Ryan Wolff you fk twat with all the draws of course Dwan with a set of 2s or 4s would do the same as he had with the hand he had. If Dwan had QQ he reraises preflop.

    5. behzad vazifeh PF does not work as a poker abbreviation, bud, as pre-flop and post-flop would both be PF. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    1. Barry looks like the kind of guy that would call the cops like a little coward because of his noisy neighbors at 4:00 p.m. on a Saturday.

    1. and barry greenstains head shape looks like a blunt of joint
      what a coincidence

  10. Look where Barry pulled the 25k chips from? Behind the stack. They old timers used to hide the big values chips.

  11. How come when I play poker I don’t get these cards or these setups

  12. Was a good decision by Dwan not to take money back. Without knowing the removal, he was a favorite.
    Eastgate folded a spade and a king, Benyamine also a spade.

  13. I dont get running it more than once , that is giving the opponent an extra chance , not real poker . I also agree with not taking a couple hundred back once you are all in , it is all a gamble and hopefully luck is on your side .

  14. Dwan said in a recent interview that he didnt want to run twice or pull any back because he thought he had a couple % edge. But now that he knows its 50/50 he might have considered it.

  15. Good old high stakes poker, maaaan that was the best televised cash game ever, EVER!!!

    1. Agreed. There’s been lots of good poker on tv over the past 20 years… but High Stakes Poker was the best. Better than the WSOP, better than the WPT, better than Poker After Dark. This show/game was the pinnacle.

  16. Just won the biggest hand in televised…….. yeh yeh we have heard this 1000 times stop it haha

  17. That’s poker mannnn!!! Run it once not like pussy twice!! He has balls

  18. Remember when seeing a 900k hand was a unique thing? Now there are plenty of them since they show the Macau cash games.

  19. million dollar on the table, players with personality and a lot of fun. Good old days.

  20. Greedy jewfish got punished! Even if is 50/50 I like QK suited all day long! Don’t wanna run it twice? Ok? Ship it!!

    1. Running it once is way better for the game cause there will be blood anyways, also barry never ever runs it twice !

    2. Greedy? Running it once doesnt benefit either player fool. It reduces variance but both for both players equally

  21. What is it theyre saying about cutting a deal? New kn poker, would love to learn!

    1. You never see people pull money back but in high stakes games to help with the huge variances they opt to give multiple runs. Barry is old school and only ever opts to run it once.

    1. @MrKunt when u get rich enough, its not about the shirts and shoes anymore. But whatever, ull never know

    1. He said in an interview a couple years ago that he didnt pull any money back because he thought his hand was a slight favorite.

    2. @42dunbar Yeah I mean the whole point is that it just shows Durr and his mentality. Hes fearless. If those cards are flipped over and I know Im in for my full stack, Ill happily take some chips back! Durr does this to show to the table hes fearless and next time you go all in on a bluff, you gotta be worried that Durr will be prepared to call you!
      Its actually really smart come to think of it. Durr constantly puts you to the test and you now know that hes willing to gamble.

    3. Barry never runs it twice so it’s only fair he said no here (even if he wanted to due to the pot size.) You can’t agree to run it twice only when it’s to your advantage or your reputation would suffer. You can’t fault someone for not wanting to gamble $500k on a coin flip.

    4. @GRUBLET BAND where do you play poker at? I wanna play with you lol. Never heard of a wheel.

    5. @The Goon lol buddy you need to shove those poker skills up your ass if you dont know poker..I dont know how you uneducated guys play poker if you dont know equities of hands..such idiots playing..lol

  22. Its not a Crush, its a pot where the two players do smal misstakes then it lead up to a coin flip ither off the two players (that are way better then negreanu and many other overrated fishes) would be winning players on any stake over 16 dollar buy in on pokerstars. Overrated variance content for degenerated gamblers.

    1. @Tan Tian Wei … well he isn’t going to let him take 200k out and leave his 200k in 🤣😂. 200k plus 200k is 400k so a little less than have the pot.

    2. @J glad someone got the joke. as for Oliver…well, ole Oliie is Whoosh!

  23. Barry Grienstien gets his aces cracked all the time 🤷‍♂️

    1. ​@Jerry Sun I thought he was going to talk about the fact that Greenstein wanted to withdraw a portion of the bet. As he said it didnt matter if it ran one or more times, I didnt think it would be a problem, but withdrawing the bet is more controversial. Maybe he doesnt remember right, the fact is that Dawn was always a very polite guy, I respect that.

    2. @Tony Dwan thought he had a few percent edge thats why he only wanted to run it once.

    3. Got me. Though Ive always thought this was a bit of a weird thing for Barry to ask for? Its such an awkward question to ask during a big pot like this. I think if I was Dwan I wouldnt know what to say so Im not surprised he just flat denied it.

  24. Greenstein is studio stubborn. run it twice he woulda most likely chopped.

  25. If Negreanu had Durrs hand, turn and river would have been brick brick.

  26. Greenstein after the hand: Why I didn’t run it 10 times ?? 😭

    1. @Junito Punto Comm Guys….he was 50/50 to win. THATS why he didnt take $200,000 back, not because Barry wouldnt run it twice. Its just math.

    2. @maliant16 Like Frank said, Dwan asked to run it twice and Greens said No…so Dwan said No to Greens option…and paid off !! Lol In that case, I wouldve run it 3 times to get at least 2/3 of the pot.

    3. @maliant he didn’t take it back because he asked Barry to run it twice, and Barry said no. So Tom said no to taking the money back.

    1. That’s Eli Elezera, he does exactly WTF he wants to do. He was in the Israeli special forces, they eat their victims and shit. Poor Barry.

    2. Hah, yeah well he left it on the right side of the table— he didnt put it back on the actual serving plate. Still funny though 🙂

  27. One of the best Gabe commentaries of all time. What was it that Francis Scott Key said when he was in the Baltimore harbor Bombs bursting in air rockets red glare
    Gabe youre the absolute best theres no other… Not even CLOSE!!!

  28. Add norm Macdonald to the banter and this show would still be rolling.

  29. Poker is not about going broke with 1 pair of AA, it’s about playing pot control & trying to make the best hand on the board , a flush, a straight etc. Barry just folds all day & goes all-in with AA, bottom set & loses all his bankroll 😭😭

  30. if I remember right, Barry cracked Toms AA before this hand for like 500k pot

    1. and he had a dig at tom also afterwards: maths is idiotic, so karma i guess

    2. Yes, indeed! In the same game, a few hands earlier, Barry cracked Toms AA with J9.

  31. Gave Kaplan is the best commentator ever!
    Poor Barry, Sam Farha cracked his aces too 😄

  32. Tip — aces, bet huge pre flop and flop, if you get called. Run away. I never slow play aces.

    1. Good example is Hellmuth, Mike the Mouth,The magician, and Jamie gold never bought into any no limit cash games in other places when the stakes were that high. They always playing small ball. And nowhere else is money wrapped up in bricks! Definitely fake money!

  33. You cant make take back deals when the pot started off 3 handed… even if the 3rd guy didnt put chips in post flop, its just bleh.

    Barry was just being greedy because he could only see that he was ahead, even if it was by so little. I bet he would run it twice in the exact opposite spot. Lol. Tom knows the equities guaranteed and probably knows Peter folded an ace most of the time.

  34. When ever Barry gets sucked out on he’ll always glance up at the dealer for a millisecond. He did it in season 1 of HSP against Farha when his AA got cracked up KK


    1. @Quex Ive followed poker for a while, never heard even one story of Barry berating a dealer.

    2. Great catch. He wants to so badly cuss out the dealer but he knows he’s on nationally broadcasted television

  35. 3:30 Dwan: whatever You want…I don’t care.
    Greenstein: $200K back
    Dwan: Hell f*cking No !! 🤣

    1. @SlaggeRobban I know that !! But my point is that Dwan said that He was going to whatever Greens wanted to do, until Greens said to take $200K back (thats a form of agreement too) but He said: Hell no !! Lol

    2. He was talking about how many times they should run it, in that case he didnt care.

    3. Junito Punto Comm it was actually a no, no, sorry like a little bitch. The no’s sounded confident but the sorry made him sound like a girl. No need to be sorry for taking his money lol

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  37. The most stupid call ever: dwan doesnt crash anything, just his luck did it.

  38. Dean is a freaking liar he said “ u can do whatever you want i dont care” and then when Greenstein told him what he wanted Dwan said no.

    1. what liar? , Dwan said once or twice whatever you want, Greenstein said lets take a couple of hundreds back, dwan is not stupid, why he will take money back when he is favourite, I know its showing 50-50 but dwan doesnt know a king is dead, so he is favourite as per information available.

    2. Barry is infamously known to the poker world to :always run his Aces only once. So after Dwan said what you posted, he exactly knew it was Barry so Dwan confirmed it with him that he only run it once and when Barry hesistantly said yes once but abruptly offered to pull 100K back, it was too late, Barry turrned out to be undecisive and greedy so Dwan, feeling what he felt, came decided in his mind to punish the greedy bastard, out of respect for himself, and at the same time he also thought he was 4% ahead of the flip.