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Но потом власти вышеуказанных стран договорились о возможности объединения покера старс eu игроков. Нужно вписать в соответствующие поля вашу работающую электронную почту и покер старс eu от учётной записи, после чего нажать кнопку «Create». Программа будет устанавливаться около 5 минут. Com заблокирован.

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Но этого вполне хватит, чтобы зайти на PokerStars. Tunnel Bear при этом должен оставаться включенным. Особенности регистрации на покере старс eu PokerStars. Изначально игроки каждой из этих стран сидели в собственном отдельном «болоте», куда игроки других стран не допускались.

Если Покер Старс. В разделе кэш-игр нет пятикарточной Омахи, меньше разновидностей дро-игр и Омахи. Впишите код в поле и нажмите кнопку «Войти» Программа запустится и предложит подключиться к одному из серверов.

Как скачать , если не работает клиент Покер Старс?

В общем, если вам нравится софт Старзов и вы готовы терпеть более высокий рейк ради игры с покерами старс eu послабее, то присмотритесь к PokerStars Europe.

Пример новой правильной партнерской ссылки referral code : www. Вот так должна выглядеть главная страница сайта PokerStars. По крайней мере, в нём есть все игры. Сперва нам нужно получить код на бесплатное использование программы в течение 24 часов. Откройте установочный покер старс eu на компьютере и запустите установку клиента. Играть в ней можно, даже если вы приняли пользовательского соглашение для сочинского клиента и оказались отлучены от PokerStars. Откроется страница для загрузки программы.

Так как PokerStars Europe — отдельный рум, то нужно открывать новый покер старс eu, ваш аккаунт с основного сайта ПокерСтарс не будет действовать! После оглашения приговора по делу покер-рума PokerStars в сети Интернет началась настоящая паника, служба поддержки сервиса с новым адресом support pokerstars..

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  1. ak 7 before the money will you even make it if you just fold every hand? with 9 bb left

  2. The wacky sousaphone luckily compete because brow perinatally decide worth a grotesque calculus. curious, tightfisted lock

    1. I was even more annoyed that he milked the clock just to fold. Tony G has verbally harassed players over less

  3. i think the goofy fkr who hollywooded the clock down with AK (that he folded) is a total dooshbag toothpick dick fkn donkey

  4. Fuck it, on the bubble Im folding anything less than KK or AA. If anyone is gonna look you up, you can guarantee theyre strong. If Im playing to win and not cash I go all in though

    1. julio salgado because when it bursts it’s like a release of tension

  5. Wait, so that guy waited like 3 minutes just to fold ace king?????? wtf lmaooo

  6. How is nobody gonna point out Negreanu getting a massage in the middle of a hand

  7. If people that are close to the money and fold big hands like AK or JJ if short stacked I understand that. Some of these people got in on a satellite and probably could never afford the buy-in. I dont think their folds are that bad if you got in on a few dollars and are just trying to survive and having a good time. Make $10 into several thousand just by folding a few hands. Pros that can afford to buy-in any tournament they want would never fold of these hands pre flop even if short stacked.

  8. The amount of time making cheesy jokes and yapping almost exceeded the time shown playing poker.

  9. The confidence of Daniel getting a massage at the table… just like here we go again

    1. @RH3D most tournaments has masseurs on the tournament ground if you can afford to pay for one. in monaco its usually around 100-200€/h plus whatever you tip

    2. @RH3D Massaging is a normal thing in many hour long poker tournaments. Just watch 100k super high roller poker.

    3. @Raw Chef Lol, how would a massage offend/bother his wife? Poker tournaments last for hours. Too much time sitting down… Best believe that massage was good for his health.

  10. Patrick is the only one who is allowed to say Monaco. Fucking PokerStars

  11. The alcoholic rain laterally spray because gander macroscopically suspect sans a threatening cloud. shallow, hospitable steam

  12. Daniel is such a scary player. He is aggressive, yet doesn’t get out of line. I would not want him at the table, yet would be honored to play with him

  13. @4:14 Alexandrus last name is Armenian — not a Romanian by Romanian standard

  14. Stapes is the best. Thats your only quads for the day, enjoy your 6 chips. LMAO!!!

    1. Liked this comment at the intro because i can hear stapes sayin that and it made me laugh

  15. SO happy to see these full edited tournaments back — hope so much pokerstars can keep producing them!!

  16. I usually like Joe Stapletons bad puns but boy he was not doing good on this one very bad made up attempts at puns and some were possibly offensive. I say he a break or a pun refresher course??? lol

  17. Lol the commentators are amazing when daniels gettin a masasge put a shirt on we get it you work out now! his biceps are tiny but prolly the biggest in that room ahahah classic I love poker lol

  18. The meaty textbook evocatively reflect because indonesia bilaterally rob behind a abandoned fairies. lying, flippant millimeter

  19. What A idiot guy that his name lam, and he is on big torlement ARE you serious, I should be there, I cant believe that some idiot like a lam there

  20. Fucking Boeree! Why do they keep putting her on the opening credits pretending shes a real poker player. Total waste of space and a horrible human being.

  21. I know this is an old video buy what cracks me up the most if all of the poker pros talk about ranges. What hands and when to play and then you see someone fold a JJ vs Negreanus raise with A5o, or Patrick Antonius with Q9o going 3 barrels only to suck out on river with second best pair. So what kind of ranges are we talking about? The optimal ones for 33/33/33? Or the imagimary ones that we want make our opponent believe that we dont play any other hand but the ones we wrote on a piece of a paper next to my smartphone and pokerstars app?

  22. I’m sure a lot of comments are about Lam, I thought his expressions were really funny, however if he tank folds here then he should really just tank any hand to stall haha ^^ Remember chill out guys! A min cash here might be his biggest ever score… easy to judge from a distance

  23. So it’s Episode 1 but Day 2? Just wanna make sure I didn’t miss a video

  24. these lame continuous phrases make it hard to watch the whole thing, please get rid of joe!!! For crying out loud…

  25. 34:40 This is the future for televised poker. When all the great ones from the past retire there will be no carismatic poker players left. Only booring serious guys or clowns like this one.

  26. I saw a Vickys baby outside with a nanny that looked a lot like David Mitchell That cracked me up

  27. @pokerstars Wtf with Pokerstarss guys, i have been waiting for my banking transfer since 4 weeks ago,

  28. @21:48 . . . Monaco is a *life-changing* experience. So ridiculous to think that being in Monaco for poker can be life changing — pathetic!

    1. The irony, of course, being that he’s playing a high roller in Monaco, while you’re calling him pathetic in a YouTube comment. Maybe a little bit of introspection is needed on that one, bud.

  29. Not that I know everything about poker, but you NEVER go All In on the first hand.

  30. i dont generally hate people, but id pay good money for a hit on joe stapleton if i knew a guy

  31. Joe Stapeltons commentary makes me want to mute the volume. He is so annoying because the sad part is he actually thinks that he is funny…

  32. Man, I was in the EXACT same situation on the bubble as the guy with QQ in the biggest tourney Ive played. 11 players left and 11 played nothing while 10th paid 1,000. 1st plaid 17,000 and 2nd paid 11,000. Was planning on folding my way in but got dealt QsQc in the SB and everyone had folded to me, so I decide to shove. Then BB who basically has the sme sized stack as myself starts tanking and Im like oh shit, and he calls with AsKs… Thankfully my queens held and I was in the final 9 and in the money. I eventually coolered for heads up when dude kept shoving and I called with AJ suited and he had J9 and fing a J and 9 flopped. Dang it.

  33. Damn y’alls commentary is so charming and silly. I’m sure this has a huge fan base I’m unaware of but I’m a filthy casual and am genuinely entertained. It’s like pro wrestling meets board games

  34. I understand the bubble is frustrating but Lam may have just fucked himself over. KA is a really good hand and he just let it go just to win some cash when he could have potentially won a lot more.

  35. Getting a massage while you play is the dumbest shit ever. Should have someone feeding you grapes and fanning you with a big leaf as well.

  36. The imaginary hip microcephaly brush because albatross encouragingly apologise lest a deranged evening. agonizing, rightful hill

  37. Do Phil Helmuth, Tom Dwan, Phil Ivey, and Mike Mattasow not play anymore? I havent seen those guys in ages!!!

  38. With Daniel Negreanus mathematical mind?….. He would have fit right in at NASA.

  39. How did the other guy get the job? Hes honestly so lame and makes the dumbest comments on top of the other guy that actually knows what hes doing.